Account Breach Protection

Account Breach Protection

With Cyberior’s early warning account breach protection
system, you can secure and regain control of your
most important accounts.

Account Breach Protection

What is a data breach?

A data breach occurs when there is an unauthorized entry point into an organization’s database that allows cyber hackers to access customer data such as passwords, credit card numbers, identity numbers, banking information, driving licence numbers, medical records, and other sensitive information.

The purpose of hacking these systems is to use this information for identity theft and fraud purposes. This can be done physically by accessing a computer or network to seal local files or by bypassing network security remotely.

How data breach happens?

1.Research: The cyber criminal looks for weaknesses in the company’s security (people, systems, or network).

2.Attack: The cyber criminal makes initial contact using either a network or social attack.

3.Network / Social Attack: A network attack occurs when a cyber criminal uses infrastructure, system, and application weaknesses to infiltrate an organization’s network. Social attacks involve tricking or baiting employees into giving access to the company’s network. An employee can be duped into giving his / her login credentials or may be fooled into opening a malicious attachment.

4.Ex-filtration: Once the cyber criminal gets into one computer, he / she can then attack the network and tunnel his / her way to confidential company data. Once the hacker extracts the data, the attack is considered successful.

What kind of data is usually targeted by cyber criminals?

  • Business
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Government
  • Banking / Credit / Financial

What happens to your stolen data?

Depending on the type of information stolen cyber criminals carry out different types of frauds such as,

1.Fraudsters make money by duplicating your credit cards, and using personal information for fraud, identity theft or put your stolen data on dark web marketplaces for sale.

2.Criminals fraudulently apply for loan, mortgage or claim insurance in your name.

3.They also create counterfeit credit or debit cards and fraudulently pay bills, transfer money or make online purchases.

How cyberior protects?

With Cyberior’s early warning account breach protection system, you can secure and regain control of your most important accounts. By constantly scanning and monitoring your key information, Cyberior safeguards your digital and financial assets. Cyberior detects risk at an early stage by constantly tracking your activities and risk level and alerts you instantly in case of potential fraud. Cyberior also helps you to restore your digital identity and reimburse to recover the loss, in case you fall victim.