Enhance customer value and engagement with Cyberior’s enterprise bundled cyber protection offerings

Your customers and employees are at constant risk of having their personal information exposed. You can now help them to know if their identity is compromised and how to minimize the damage, through Cyberior’s bundled and voluntary digital identity protection program.


1. Protect your customer’s financial and identity assets.
2. Help your customers to conduct confidential personal and financial business virtually anywhere.
3. Increase spends on your customer’s cards by providing improved device security measures that enable secure online transactions.

Financial services

1.  Protect your high net worth individual clients against financial and reputational loss.
2. Retain and deepen your client relationships.


1.  Increase engagement and value proposition on your insurance plans.
2.  Mitigate your claims on your cyber risk insurance plans.

Telco and devices

1. Protection against damage and theft of mobiles and electronics goods.
2. Malware protection for device’s operating system.
3. Doorstep services.

Enterprise customer benefits

1. Product differentiation
2. Customer engagement
3. Customer loyalty
4. Product features enhancement and value propositions


Grow your business, protect your customers.

Today’s mobile world means digital identities are everywhere. The prevalence of mobile devices, both in the workplace and throughout our society, means our personal data is everywhere. Right now, more Google searches are happening on smartphones than on desktop computers. Mobile is certainly everywhere, and that means your digital footprint also exists everywhere.

You want to ensure you select the best identity theft protection. Offering Cyberior Digital Identity Theft Protection to your customers is a great way to keep pace with the latest innovation and product excellence in identity theft protection. You will also benefit from generating additional, recurring revenue and simultaneously providing a value-added service that meets a real need. Partner with confidence – it’s a win-win opportunity.

Partnership experience.

For businesses of any size that want to protect customers, members, and employees from the growing threats of identity theft and cyber frauds, Cyberior offers flexible solutions. We’ve been a leading provider of comprehensive identity, data security, and credit protection with simple and guaranteed solutions.

Partner for success.

You can provide customers with complete protection and gain additional revenue from this industry-leading solution. Leverage our proven partnership experience and program-building expertise. Our flexible architecture allows for easy integration. Optimize customer acquisition and retention with custom reporting. Choose from branded and private label options.

Cyberior affiliate marketing program.

We value our affiliate partners and work hard to create strong, reliable, and long-lasting business relationships with you. We’ve protected millions, and you’ll feel good about offering our award-winning identity theft protection to your online community.

We consider affiliates to be our partners in business. As such, your success is our success. Whatever your business size, you can be sure that as an Affiliate, you will receive personalized, knowledgeable, and reliable support and assistance from Cyberior. Together, our affiliates and Cyberior help people across the country achieve true peace of mind by providing education, resources, and access to the most trusted digital identity, data security, and credit protection available.

A benefit that strengthens relationships.

As a trusted adviser to your clients for the best employee benefit programs, offering Cyberior Digital Identity Protection strengthens your position as a thought leader and innovator. You’ll be providing your clients with a valuable and increasingly popular benefit. We understand you want to ensure you select the best cyber fraud and identity theft protection for your clients.

Be prominent.

Offering Cyberior Digital Identity Protection is a differentiator for you. Employees need it. Employers are adding it to their voluntary benefits with greater frequency. Chances are, if you aren’t including it, your competition is.

Grow your business.

When you include Cyberior Digital Identity Protection, you can re-engage with your clients and target prospects with a benefit employer are recognizing a need for. We make it easy with no minimum case sizes, guaranteed issue so everyone qualifies, no underwriting, and attractive commissions.

High-value employee benefits.

Identity theft is a serious and escalating problem for both employers and employees. Identity theft imposes tremendous costs in terms of lost productivity at work and personal stress. As a result, credit fraud & identity protection services have quickly become a high-value employee benefit. Workers may need to spend hundreds of hours to restore their personal and financial data, so any steps you can take to eliminate that potential headache likely will be paid back many times over in improved employee morale and loyalty.

An opportunity for agents and brokers to provide identity theft protection to clients.

Your clients rely on you to provide relevant, value-add benefits that employees want and need. By adding cyber fraud & identity protection to your benefits package, you will be a step ahead with this increasingly requested benefit.

Employee benefit perks.

1. Flexible enrollment options

2. Seamless implementation

3. Dedicated customer service

4. Interactive training


Protect your company and employees.

As employees and organizations share their personal information more with third parties, over more devices and across the Internet of Things (IoT), the opportunity for account data breaches continues to increase every year, as does the number of identity thefts and cyber frauds. Corporate leaders who are responsible for managing strategic, financial, and reputation risks may not realize with all that’s happening within the organization that personal, financial and corporate data theft can blindside both their business and their employees. But, today, they quickly see the collateral damage when downtime, misdirected attention, and absenteeism creep into the workplace.

Offer your employees a benefit they can really use and value.

Identity protection is one of the fastest growing employee perks and you want to ensure you have the best identity theft protection as part of your benefit wheelhouse. Employees get the protection they need from the stress and financial hardship of identity theft. Employers reduce productivity loss associated with identity theft recovery. And consider that employee actions can put your data security at risk – opening spam, clicking on harmful links – protecting them protects the company.

Rolling out a new employee benefit should be painless. We have the expertise to make it fast, fun, and effective.

We work with organizations of all sizes to deliver a flexible and tailored roll-out plan to inform and continually educate your employees on cyber fraud and identity theft and strategies for protecting themselves and their family. We do this by:

1. Working alongside your HR team to get your employees set up
2. Delivering world-class support with dedicated hotline for your employees
3. Depending on your budget and the level of protection you are comfortable offering your employees, we offer a solution that’s just right for your business.