Frequently Asked Questions

In this case do not trust the source of the call as it could be a scam. Immediately report the incident to the bank.

Call our cyber specialists at 1800 266 2969 between 10 am to 8 pm and they will help you resolve this issue promptly.

You need to visit the bank immediately and file an application mentioning the cheque numbers which are lost. In case there is a withdrawal from the account using any cheque, you need to file an FIR with the local police station, and submit the copy of the same, along with the transaction dispute form to the bank.

The plan entitles you to monitor one card. For additional card monitoring you must take an add-on plan. However, all your credit and debit cards are protected under the card protection plan from fraudulent transactions.

Yes. Every enquiry on your credit report affects your credit score. Every time you apply for a loan or credit card, your credit report is pulled, and this affects your credit score.

The dashboard will always show you the most recent updated credit score. It will also provide you with the detailed credit report. You can also download a credit report of any month subsequent to the date of credit services activation from the dashboard.

No, each credit bureau has a different scoring pattern, however the thumb rule is the same. The closer your score is to 900, better the chances of you getting a loan are.

Yes, the identity monitoring dashboard is optimized to work on any browser-enabled smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

There is no cancellation policy. The plan once purchased will be active for 1 year.

EAI maintains multiple, redundant security measures at our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site. Additionally, we employ perimeter and core security measures and devices to prevent information from being accessed electronically by any entity outside the EAI facility. All networks are designed with security in mind with regular vulnerability testing, intrusion detection and firewalls. All communication between user and Europ Assistance India or between Europ Assistance India and our partners is encrypted using TLS encryption. Additionally, sensitive data at rest is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. All data centers used by EAI are PCI DSS compliant.

One month before your renewal date, you’ll receive an email reminding you of the upcoming renewal and giving you an opportunity to pay in advance so that on the renewal date the programme does not lapse but renews. If you fail to renew on or before the cessation date, the programme automatically expires. Once you make the payment your services will automatically resume.

We accept payments through credit card, debit card, internet banking and Paytm’s and PayU’s mobile wallets.

You can call our Customer Care Representatives on 1800 266 2969 and they will help you reset your password.

We will provide you with the Device Security Software to be installed on your mobile, PC or laptop. If included in your programme, this service provides a maximum of one (1) download in the Cyberior Plan and further device downloads can be purchased at an additional cost of Rs. 400 + Taxes per device.

This product is supported on Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Mozilla Firefox (latest), Google Chrome (latest), Android browser (4.x and higher ), and iOS Safari.

Please note that if your service includes Device Security Software, an internet connection will be required.

The minimum system requirements are:

1. Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

  • At least 512 MB RAM, a 233 Mhz processor or higher
  • 32/64 bit operating systems

2. Mac OS 10.13, Mac OS 10.12, OS X 10.11

3. iOS 10 and later

4. Android 5.0 and later

No. You do not need to pay anything. This is being offered free of cost.

No. You do not need to create an account. You can simply enter your email address and mobile number and check your breach exposure details for free.

Once your personal data is compromised, it can be used anywhere and for any purpose. It can be misused to create fake identity or perform any fraudulent activity. Your stolen data is often put up on the different web pages on the dark web (An underground black market for selling credit card numbers, fake passports, and IDs, hacked account information, etc.) for sale. Cyberior’s automated technology scours the deepest part of the internet including dark web and deep web and gives you the breach exposure details so that you can take quick steps to provide your digital identity.

You can scan as many email addresses as you want. There is no limit on number of email addressesthat can be scanned.

You can scan your email address, as many times as you want.

Not at all. Even if there are no breaches found, your listed data may be exposed to the hackers. There is a high possibility that your data linked with your email addresses may have already been misused and in most of the cases the fraud goes undetected for years. Hence your email addresses are most vulnerable to potential identity thefts and frauds.

Cyberior’s ‘Password Breach Exposure’ or ‘Cyber Scan’ feature allows you to check breaches associated with your email address. You need to enter your name, email address and mobile number. After which you will receive an OTP to verify your email address. Once your email address is verified, you will get your password breach exposure details.

Under breach exposure details, you will be able to see the list of breached accounts, total number of breached accounts and last known breach date associated with the email address that you entered.

Your e-mail addresses are interconnected to everything, such as, banking accounts, social media accounts, online shopping accounts, which includes your sensitive credentials, credit card details, residential address, and contact numbers. Once identity thieves compromise your email addresses and log in credentials,they can gain complete control of your online accounts and can harmyour digital identity in many ways.

And most of the times, Individuals may not realize that their personal details were exposed or stolen, until months or years into the future. Hence it is needed to constantly keep a track of your breach exposure.

No. Our back-end team has no access to any Personally Identifiable Information that you save on your dashboard, because the data is encrypted. Only you can see what you have updated.  We cannot change your access credentials either.

Identity theft can harm you in many ways, such as,

1. Lose funds from your account through fraudulent transfers.

2. Unauthorized transactions on Credit or Debit card.

3. Fraudulent bank loans applied in your name.

4. New phone connection taken to carry out forgery.

5. Email Id or social network profiles created with false documents and identity.

6. Fake tax return filing for refund.

7. Get you arrested for illegal acts.

8. Legal hassles – Any small incident can disrupt your life & put you in legal hassles for recovery of your identity.

9. Mental/psychological problems – You would go through increased levels of stress.


Data hacks and leaks have become quite common in the digital world and brings with it a tangible risk for all using the internet. This largely depends on your service providers getting hacked. The range of service providers can include your mobile operator, broadband provider, food delivery aggregator, e-commerce portal, mobile wallet providers and in some stray instances even your banker. You cannot directly control these risks or its impacts but be vulnerable to its potential impact.

Data breaches and hacks – Mid to large scale data breaches at  organizations who maintain your data such as, name, DOB, email address, mobile number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, insurance details, medical details, etc.

ATM overlay –  Cyber criminals install skimmers in ATM or card swipe machine to capture your card details and thereby clone your card.

Malware / Virus / Phishing – Hacking websites, internet programs or file sharing networks which allow malware and viruses to enter your system and access private information.

Dumpster diving – Criminals may sort through the trash container for old bills, receipts or other discarded sensitive information.

Unauthorized copying – Without your knowledge, identity thieves may take out a photocopy of your identity proof and misuse it.

Theft – By stealing your wallet or purse thieves easily get a hold of your identity cards, credit and bank cards, etc.

Unsecured public Wi-Fi – By compromising public Wi-Fi networks, hackers steal your personal and financial data.

All the data provided for monitoring is stored in an encrypted format in order to prevent misuse. We do not share your data with a third party other than to provide Cyberior’s services that you have requested.

If you experience an identity theft our Identity Theft Resolution Services can help. We treat each “Digital Identify Theft” as an emergency and will perform any or all the following steps necessary to attempt to undo or prevent further damage to you:

24/7 Expertise – Our digital identity theft resolution specialists are available 24/7 to help restore your identity and prevent further damage in the event of an incident. In event of an identity theft that requires personal assistance Cyberior will assign a personal case manager to assist you.

Digital Identity Theft Affidavit Assistance and Submission – We’ll provide you with an Identity Theft Affidavit, used to dispute any fraudulent claims or activity. After assisting with its completion, we will help you submit it to the authorities, credit bureaus and creditors.

Inform Police or Legal Authorities – We’ll assist you in reporting the fraudulent activity to the local authorities and forward a report of the fraudulent activity to creditors.

Lost Wallet Assistance – We’ll notify the appropriate bank or agency to assist you in canceling or replacing stolen or missing items such as credit / debit card, driving license, Aadhaar card, PAN card, or passport.

Translation Services – If you are abroad, we’ll help you communicate with the local authorities, including filing an identity theft incident report. It is the responsibility of the member to pay for any cost associated with the translation services.

Emergency Cash and Travel Arrangements – If you experience identity theft at a place, more than 80 kms from your primary place of residence, we’ll provide you an emergency cash advance of up to Rs 30,000 and assist with emergency travel arrangements, including airline, hotel and car rental reservations. All costs associated with this service will be the member’s responsibility. These services must be secured by a valid credit card or paid to us in advance in India by a relative or a friend.

Appointment of Emergency Services – If you encounter an event of identity theft, we will assist you in co-ordination of legal representatives, counselling services, and an IT specialist for fraudulent device infringement.

Lost Device Tracking and Data Erasing – If you lose your device or are worried about someone taking control of it, we will use Device Control Tools and with your authorization immediately track the location of your device and erase the data on the device if necessary.

Daily you share information with various suppliers and digital service platforms. Although these companies secure their systems, cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated than before. Once hacked, your data can easily be traded across the globe. Hence, regardless of transacting online regularly, you continue to be part of the digital world and exposed to all digital threats.

No.  Cyberior is not an Anti-virus solution or a replacement for it. Personal data monitoring gives you a visibility of your personal data and alerts you if any of your personal data is found in the public domain.

Click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ option on the dashboard login screen and we will send Reset Password link to your email address which is registered with Cyberior for communication.

Personal information also known as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is any information that can be used to identify, contact, or locate an individual, either alone or combined with other easily accessible sources. It includes information that is linked or linkable to an individual such as medical, educational, financial and employment information. Examples of data elements include name, fingerprints or other biometric (including genetic) data, email address, telephone number or Aadhaar/PAN number.

Identity theft is when someone uses your personal details and poses as you for a fraudulent transaction or gain. They may use your credit card, obtain mobile connections or loans in your name. In some cases, it may result in someone taking complete control of your existing accounts, setting up ECS or making withdrawals. It is very easy for someone to steal your identity with basic information such as you Name, Date of Birth and Address. They can then add to that by stalking you on the internet, phishing your private information or trying to install malware on your devices.

As soon as you realize that you are a victim of identity theft you should call our Cyber Resolution Specialists  at 1800 266 2969 . We will help resolve the issue that you have faced.

Rising identity theft incidences – 49% of India’s online population, or more than 115 million Indian’s are affected by cyber crime. India has the second highest victim base in cyber-crime as per Norton 2016 Survey.

Everyone is prone – All are prone to identity theft, with some at higher risk, due to excessive sharing of information on Social Media platforms or dumping cash withdrawal receipts in ATM bins without shredding them.

Financial and reputational risks are huge – Stolen funds, unauthorized transactions on credit cards or bank accounts, and a mistaken arrest for a crime committed by an identity thief can cause a huge loss of reputation. Bad credit history may affect a victim’s ability to get a job or take a loan causing further harm to one’s financial stability.

Weak cyber laws in India – Weaker data privacy and victim friendly laws, weaker law enforcement and limited number of cyber policemen in terms of availability and skill set makes it easy for identity thieves.

Legal hassles to restore identity – 1 in 5 victims spend more than a month in legal hassles in resolving problems resulting from identity theft.

Ignorant victims – Lack of awareness in taking top notch preventive measures for safe online behavior makes for easy prey to cyber-criminals.

Cyberior is an offering developed by Europ Assistance. The Europ Assistance Group is a global leader in Cyber Fraud and Identity Protection solutions. Collectively, we protect over 165 million individuals in over 15 countries. This Cyberior solution is enabled with our industry leading technology capabilities and 24/7 support platform. Cyberior puts consumers in control of their own digital identity.

Yes. All digital wallets of the insured are covered in this policy.

Cyberior’s Insurance partner will be directly underwriting the policy in your name. Europ Assistance Private Limited is the Master policy holder.

As soon as the incident occurs, call Cyberior at 1800 266 2969 and we will assist you in the claim filing process.

It depends on the document and the nature of the incidence that occurred.

If all your documentation is in order as per our Claims process listed on our Dashboard, we will settle your claim in 30 working days.

Call our Toll Free number and our Cyber Specialists will process the claim for you in 30 Business Days.

Currently there is no functionality of “No claim bonus” in built with this group policy.

Yes. The insurer would reimburse the customer for the claim up to the Sum insured.

The Cyberior Insurance Policy covers the insured for all direct financial losses due to unauthorized digital financial transactions through Cyber Attack, Phishing/Spoofing through Email/SMS/Telephonic Communication and SIM-jacking.

The Cyberior Insurance Policy covers the insured for all direct financial losses due to unauthorized digital financial transactions through Cyber Attack, Phishing/Spoofing through Email/SMS/Telephonic Communication and SIM-jacking.

Identity Theft – We will pay for your expenses resulting from your efforts to resolve your identity theft, and expenses can be submitted up to 12 months after you make a claim.

Fraudulent Charges – If your payment card / SIM card as specified in the schedule is lost or stolen, we will reimburse the unauthorized charges that you are responsible for on your lost or stolen payment card / SIM card, up to …… days / hours prior to your first reporting the event to your payment card issuer(s) / mobile telephone service provider and ….. days post reporting of the event to your payment card issuer / mobile telephone service provider.

ATM Assault and Robbery – We will reimburse you for the money you withdrew from any ATM around the world using your payment card against a robbery event that occurs within 15 minutes of the withdrawal of the money. We will reimburse you for reasonable emergency first aid charges for bodily injury during a robbery that is covered by our ATM assault and robbery coverage.

Yes. Policy gets triggered if phishing/spoofing takes places through telephonic communication.

As swiping is through physical means, the policy would not cover you.

Reimbursement for the money withdrawn from the ATM using your payment card against a robbery that occurs after 15 minutes of the withdrawal of the money.

Reimbursement for reasonable emergency first aid charges for bodily injury during the robbery only for oneself.

All terms are subject to the T&Cs of the Group Insurance Plan.

Reimbursing the unauthorized charges that you are responsible for on your lost or stolen payment cards up to 48 hours prior to your first reporting the event to your payment card issuer and 7 days post reporting to your payment card issuer.

If your card is still in your possession and unauthorized charges are made on your bank account through, in-store, Telephone, ATM withdrawal or online purchases using your payment card information it is also covered up to 48 hours prior to your first reporting the event to your payment card issuer and 7 days post reporting to your payment card issuer.

All terms are subject to the T&Cs of the Group Insurance Plan.

Legal Expenses – Reimbursement for attorney and court fees.

Lost Wages – Reimbursement for the time taken from work solely as a result of your effort to correct your financial records due to identity theft.

Obligation to Pay – If any credit or bank account is opened in your name, the insurance will cover the actual loss from the unauthorized account.

Miscellaneous Expenses – Cost of re-filing application, cost of notarizing documents, long distance calls, emails, the cost of maximum 4 credit reports from any entity approved by the insurance firm.

Expenses can be claimed up to 12 months from claim filing date.

All terms are subject to the T&Cs of the Group Insurance Plan.

Replacement cost for the lost or stolen wallet as well as the personal papers and credit cards. Application cost for applying for new personal papers and payment cards.

Replacement cost for the lost or stolen wallet not exceeding Rs 1000 as well as the personal papers and payments cards that were in the wallet are covered.

All terms are subject to the T&Cs of the Group Insurance Plan.

The coverage is valid from the day your Cyberior account is activated.

Please check your Dashboard or call us on our Toll Free Number.

Yes. The amount up to the total claim/total financial loss subject to the limits of Sum Insured would be provided to the insured.

Yes. The amount up to the total claim/total financial loss subject to the limits of Sum Insured would be provided to the insured.

No. The coverage only covers in case any charges that are filed against you due to identity theft.

Post policy issuance, you would be provided with the policy documents with the details of the product and the policy within 7 working days. You would also be covered until your policy documents reach you.

The Cyberior programme does not require any policy number for the insurance as this is a group policy. In case of an incidence, call Cyberior at 1800 266 2969 and we will assist you in the claim filing process.

Our intelligent monitoring platform monitors the dark web for your key Email IDs like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. and the accounts they are connected to as a Login Credential or a Username.  In case any of your online accounts (e.g. LinkedIn, Zomato, Dropbox) getting breached we immediately alert you about which account it was that got compromised on your communication Email ID along with other compromised information pertaining to that account. This helps us proactively advise you to change your passwords before these accounts can be taken over by malicious actors.

It is important for you to add your information and update your details regularly to help us protect your personal and financial information most effectively. You can add or update your personal information for monitoring, by logging into the dashboard and accessing the Manage Account section.

Through our automated monitoring platform, we actively search the deep and dark web, where personal data is bought and sold, for any malicious activity of your personally identifiable information.

When you get an alert, you can click on the Alert widget of the dashboard home page where you will be provided with detailed alert information since your last login. In case you find any alert suspicious, you can simply ‘Flag’ the alert. This will help us to provide you precise assistance, when requested.