Monitors your identity

Monitors your identity

The Cyberior proprietary technology constantly scans for
exposed pieces of your personal information, across black
markets, malicious portals and other data sources. Cyberior
sends you a quick alert in case your valuable information
appears in any black market.

Monitors your identity

Keeping your personal information safe is now the most essential thing as there are unscrupulous people on the internet who are looking to take advantage of you. As such, it’s important to learn what kinds of information these individuals are looking for and how they can use your data to harm you.

  • Name and addresses
  • Personal identity numbers like Aadhaar number, PAN number, driving licence number, passport number, e-mail addresses, passwords, bank account numbers and other financial details.
  • Biometric details such as retina scans, fingerprints, facial geometry, or voice signatures.
  • Phone numbers which are directly connected to your bank accounts and e-wallet accounts.
  • Technology asset information like Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that are tied to a certain individual.

You also need to worry about what you post (and what others post about you) on social media and other sharing sites, because these things serve as clues to your identity when combined with the other personally identifiable information.

Why you should keep your personal information private

1.Prevent identity theft
Identity theft occurs when someone gains access to your personal information and pretends to be you in the digital and the real world. Individuals who have accessed your personal data can retrieve your login information for various websites or commit cyber-crimes such as tax fraud, all while posing as you. Identity theft is the type of crime that can have long-lasting repercussions for both your digital privacy and your online reputation.

2.Prevent your financial frauds
Cyber criminals can take your banking and other financial information and make unauthorized withdrawals, purchases, and transfers. This not only damages your credit score, but it also affects your financial well-being. Although financial websites are encrypted, cyber criminals have got variety of tricks to steal your data.

3.Maintain your business’s reputation
If you own a business, you have even more reasons to worry about data privacy. A single data breach can cost you millions, considering the firm’s direct financial loss, business disruption, regulatory fines and credit monitoring and identity theft repair services. In addition to these costs, failing to protect your customers’ personal data can destroy people’s trust, which is a key factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions, in your brand.

4.Protect against cyber frauds and online scams
With the growth in online services and internet use, there are many opportunities for criminals to commit scams and fraud. These are dishonest schemes that seek to take advantage of unsuspecting people to gain a benefit such as money, or access to personal details. These are often contained in spam and phishing messages.

Identity theft can harm you in many ways, leaving long lasting impacts. Invest in best identity protection program, like Cyberior Digital Identity Protection and protect your digital identity from growing threats of frauds.